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Pricing made simple.



30 Minute



60 Minute



90 Minute

Service Add-Ons

Rain Drop Therapy

Couples Massage


Essential oils dropped along your spine. We choose from a variety of oils that help promote Immune Support and Pain Relief.
 $40 additional 
adds 30 minutes to your service
We offer couples massage if you would like to experience a relaxing massage with your significant other.
  $140 for 60 minute
  $195 for 90 minute

We use a specific massage technique on your hands and/or feet along with essential oils to promote overall health and well being.
 $25 additional
adds 15 minutes to your service

Chair Massage

Hot Stone Massage

We offer the use of warmed stones as an extension of our hands to deliver added benefits of:

deep relaxation
improved sleep
increased blood circulation and
reduced inflammation
$15 additional
adds 10 minutes to your service

Scalp Treatment

If you cannot lay down but would like the full benefits of massage we offer chair massage as an alternative.
  $40 for 30min
We offer three unique blends of essential oils to finish your massage with either an Immunity Boost, Invigorating Boost or a Peaceful Night Sleep
  $5 additional
Introducing Prenatal, Labor and Postpatum Massage
Debi and Megan are now certified in Prenatal, Labor, and Postpartum Massage
Prenatal Massage:
75 minute...$95
90 minute...$125

Labor and Postpartum Massages prices can vary case to case please call us for details.
Wellness Subscription
One Year Membership
For $60 a month you receive one (1) 60 minute massage.
Membership expires one year from start date.
Unused massages will be rollled over to the next month.
If you decide to cancel your subscription before your year is up you will be charged a $60 cancellation fee and, any remaining unused massages will be given in the form of a gift certificate expiring 90 days after cancellation.
If you choose to have more than one massage per month you may purchase additional 60 minute massages at the membership rate of $60.