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90 Minute



120 Minute

Service Add-Ons

Rain Drop Therapy



Essential oils dropped along your spine. We choose from a variety of oils that help promote Immune Support and Pain Relief.
  $25 extra
We drop essential oils on your headrest or diffuse near the table for emotional and immune support. 
  $10 extra
We use a specific massage technique on your hands and/or feet along with essential oils to promote overall health and well being.
  $25 extra

Couples Massage

Chair Massage

Nail Treatments

We offer couples massage if you would like to experience a relaxing massage with your significant other.
  $55 extra
If you cannot lay down but would like the full benefits of massage we offer chair massage as an alternative.
  $40 for 30min
We offer a wide variety of nail services to fit everyone's style and budget.
 *Prices vary by service